Freeway Accidents

Knowledgeable Lawyer Assisting Residents of San Antonio and Bexar County with Car Crash Injuries

The high volume of cars that drive on freeways and the high speeds at which they travel make freeways the sites of many devastating accidents. If you have been injured in a crash on a freeway in Bexar County or the surrounding areas, attorney Jeramie Gertz is ready to help you bring a claim. As an experienced San Antonio attorney, he can thoroughly investigate the details of your situation and craft an assertive strategy on your behalf.

Pursuing Compensation for a Freeway Accident

People may think that freeways are relatively safe roads, and they do have medians, guard rails, wide shoulders, and long entrances and exits. But when an accident does happen, it tends to be particularly devastating. The weight of a typical vehicle ranges from about 3,000 pounds for a compact car to nearly 6,000 pounds for a large SUV. When that kind of mass is moving at 60, 70, or even 80 miles per hour, the force of an impact is tremendous.

When something goes wrong, there is very little time to react before a collision occurs. At normal freeway speeds, it only takes one second to travel 100 feet, and a normal car will travel at least 180 feet in the time that it takes to see a hazard, hit the brakes, and come to a full stop. Many people overlook the need to keep safe distances, particularly when a freeway is crowded. In fact, one of the leading causes of freeway collisions is tailgating, or following too closely. If multiple vehicles are crowded together at these high speeds, a single error by a driver may quickly lead to a multi-car pile-up.

Most freeway crashes are caused by careless actions by drivers. This means that retaining a lawyer in San Antonio to bring a negligence claim may be crucial in their aftermath. In the context of a car accident, negligence exists when a defendant driver owed a duty of care to the plaintiff to use reasonable care in operating their vehicle, the driver failed to drive safely, the careless driving resulted in an accident, and the plaintiff incurred damages. If a plaintiff can prove these elements, the defendant may be held liable for all of the damages caused by their negligence, potentially including pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, medical costs, and loss of past and potential income.

Taking action promptly after a crash is critical. Collecting and preserving evidence, as well as complying with procedural deadlines, often determines the success of a claim. For example, the Texas statute of limitations for personal injury cases is a rule that governs the time within which a car crash victim may take legal action. There are very few exceptions to this rule, and the right to compensation usually will be barred if it is not followed. As a result, it is essential to consult an experienced car accident attorney who understands the nuances of the legal process.

Seek Guidance from a Freeway Accident Attorney in the San Antonio Area

Not surprisingly, freeway accidents are common in an area as densely populated as San Antonio. If you have been struck by a careless driver, you should reach out to a San Antonio experienced in freeway accident cases.  Contact attorney Jeramie Gertz for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your potential case. Call 210-807-4444 or use our online form to set up an appointment. Jeramie Gertz has helped many victims in Bexar, Maverick, Kendall, Medina, Comal, Bandera, and Atascosa Counties. He can also represent you if you need help with drunk driving accident or guidance with another motor vehicle collision claim.