Car Wrecks Caused by Aggressive Drivers

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When people first learn to drive, one of the points that most instructors stress is the need to drive defensively. Unfortunately, many drivers forget—or simply ignore—this fundamental rule, and they often engage in aggressive driving. This reckless behavior is a leading cause of serious car wrecks. If you or someone in your family has been hurt in a crash caused by a driver who was driving aggressively, lawyer Jeramie Gertz can assist you. He has successfully advised and represented many individuals and families in a variety of motor vehicle collision cases. As a San Antonio lawyer focused on personal injury claims, he can assist victims throughout Bexar County from the Northeast Side of San Antonio to Leon Valley and everywhere in between.

Aggressive Driving Accidents May Cause Serious Injuries

Aggressive driving may take many forms, and most of them involve some type of traffic violation. It often manifests itself in the following behaviors:



Illegal passing;

Accelerating through yellow lights;

Cutting other drivers off by changing lanes without allowing sufficient space;

Driving on the shoulder or median when traffic is slow to get past other vehicles;

Making illegal left turns and U-turns;

Not yielding the right of way; or,

Failing to use turn signals.

While most accidents involving these violations are attributed to those specific acts, the underlying cause is often the driving habits of certain people, who, by being unpredictable and erratic, create a hazard for other drivers. In some cases, by forcing other people to react to their disruptive behavior, aggressive drivers may even cause accidents involving other vehicles without being involved themselves. Moreover, aggressive drivers, by their behavior, may provoke the anger and aggressive tendencies of other drivers, leading to incidents of “road rage” that endanger everyone in the vicinity.

When the behavior of an aggressive driver leads to an accident, they may be held liable to the people whom they injured in a negligence claim. An aggressive driving accident attorney can help San Antonio residents pursue this action. Negligence is a type of civil cause of action that involves four separate elements, all of which must be present in order to make a successful claim. For an aggressive driving accident, the claim would start by asserting that the defendant driver owed a duty to the plaintiff (the injured party) and other users of the road to use reasonable care in the operation of their vehicle. The plaintiff would proceed by establishing that the defendant driver breached their duty of care with an aggressive driving behavior, and the breach caused an accident involving the plaintiff. Finally, the plaintiff would need to provide evidence illustrating their damages.

When a plaintiff can support these assertions with sufficient proof, they may obtain compensation from the defendant for all of the damages caused by the accident, including the costs of medical care, rehabilitative treatment, loss of income and income potential, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium, and more. In some cases, when the behavior of the defendant was extremely egregious, exemplary (punitive) damages may also be available.

Call an Aggressive Driving Accident Lawyer in the San Antonio Area

Being involved in a car accident is usually a traumatic experience, particularly when you or those with you are injured. The experience may be all the more frustrating when the person who caused the accident was driving aggressively, acting with reckless indifference to the danger that they created for others. When this happens, it is appropriate that the person responsible should compensate those whom they have injured for all of the suffering that they have endured. If you have been involved in a crash caused by an aggressive driver, set up a free appointment with  attorney Jeramie Gertz by calling 210-807-4444. Jeramie Gertz also represents people who need help with a drunk driving accident or assistance with other motor vehicle collision claims in Bexar